What Are the Qualifications for a Congressman?

The Congress of the United States of America is made up of two chambers. These are the House of
Representatives and the Senate. To become a congressman you will have to qualify as a member of one of
these chambers. While the major decision is made by American citizens through voting, there are still some
legal qualifications involved.


(1) The house of representatives is made up of 135 members. Each member is elected to serve for two years.
(2) The United States Congress has 100 members. Two are elected from each state to serve a six-year term
in office.
(3) Legal qualifications differ between the two chambers of Congress but the popular vote election remains
the most decisive factor.
(4) All states have equal representation in the Senate, This is regardless of their size or population. That is
why both Alaska (largest US state) and Rhode Island (smallest state) all have two senators representing them
in the US Senate.
(5) The number of house of representatives is determined by the US Congress. Unlike the Senate, the
population accounts for the number of representatives. While California has 45 representatives in the house,
states such as Delaware and North Dakota have only one.
(6) The national census that is carried out every ten years enables for the redistribution of the house seats.

Legal Qualifications to Become a Congressman.

(1) According to the constitution, you will need to be at least 25 years old to become a member of the house
of representatives. Residency in the represented district is not compulsory.
(2) To become a member of the US Senate, you will need to be at least 30 years of age. While these ages are
the minimum requirements, the average age of a United States senator is 58 years old, a number that’s nearly
(3) Other legal qualifications for a representative include residency in the state and US citizenship for not less
than seven years.
(4) To become a senator you will also have to be a resident of the state. A nine-year Us citizenship is
(5) The constitution also suggests that additional requirements for congress representation may also be set
by the state.

Election of Congressmen

(1) The states are divided into congressional districts. Each district participates in an election to vote for
house representatives of choice.
(2) Statewide elections are held every six years. One-third of the US Senate faces election every year.
(3) Since the members of the house of representatives only serve a two-year term, the Congress is
considered to have a life period of two years.

Furthermore informal qualifications such as a professional background, strong ambition and communication
skills can go a long way. Currently, over half of the members of Senate have background in law. People tend
to trust those who are highly educated so having a strong professional background is regarded as quite
essential to help you win the elections. When you buy dissertation you can highly increase your chances of

Most of these qualifications were drafted in the constitution in the 18th century. Back then a man aged 25
was considered middle aged because the life expectancy was 45 years.