Why congress was formed

What is Congress?

I am sure you might have heard about congress but what exactly runs through your mind when you hear about congress? A congress can be described as a meeting which is mainly attended by selected representatives from either different countries, provinces or states of a country, political parties or any other group. The term was selected by British colonies whereby, each of the 13 colonies had a representative, the term was then later adopted for use by different nations and it is currently used in many political representatives and even trade unions.
History of Congress.

The 13 British colonies were the first to create a congress in 1770 in North America in a partition to fight for their rights which they felt were being endangered. It functioned the role until 1776 until Britain announced congress as traitors and American colonies declared themselves independent of Britain. Congress then later evolved into an alliance that led the revolutionary war that ended in 1783. From 1791, Congress became a formal organization which formed the revolutionary government and later formed the national government and was awarded specific powers and responsibilities.

Functions of congress.

1. Making laws and resolving conflicts.

The congress has been a great participant in the making of laws that govern people and also in resolving conflicts that may arise between individuals or groups. The laws made differ from health care, gun control and federal budget including others. This is a great role to ensure law, peace and order are maintained in the nation. In case anyone breaks the laws, they are charged in the court of law to prevent a repeat of that from others or the same person.

2. Educating the community.

The congress is continuously trying to reach out the people through websites, emails and public addresses in order to keep the people updated on different topics and educate them. There are many topics to educate people about which include illegal drug trafficking, insecurity, health concerns and even entrepreneurship which can help the public create new opportunities and make progress.

3. For representation.

Congress is made up of people selected by a specific group to represent them in decision making. Therefore, one of the main obligations of Congress is to represent the people and present their problems and suggestions and at times to defend their rights.

4. Serving constituents.

The congresspersons spend most of the time with the people they represent serving them. In case of any complains against the government or the leader of an organization, the members of the Congress are obligated to make necessary investigations in order to come up with the appropriate solutions.

5. Oversight.

The congress has another duty to follow up if the laws they have put in place are being followed by the targeted people. They ensure the laws are enforced in the intended ways and no human rights are violated during law enforcement.


Congress is responsible for many activities and the policy of selecting representatives has been adopted in many nations. Congress is very essential and it determines how the nation develops and how the people act according to the laws. With these duties, they are able to represent the opinion of the people and ensure that all their demands are put in place for peace and progress.