I support President Trump’s plan to fix our broken immigration system and secure our borders.

As someone who has both a wife and stepdaughter that are legal US immigrants, I appreciate that lawful immigration makes our country great; we must, however, enhance and enforce our existing policies for the sake of our security, our economy, and our nation.

Illegal immigration, in addition to being a security risk, costs Americans jobs and opportunity. This problem also needlessly burdens educational and social services developed by and for Americans.

A country that does not protect its borders does not exist. Parts of our southern border are highly vulnerable and are best protected by a Wall. I support the President’s plan to secure our border with additional Border Patrol Agents, technological enhancements and physical barriers.


Health Care

Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster, which is simultaneously collapsing due to cost overruns and generating explosive increases in the cost of healthcare for the average American.

Repeal Obamacare - Republicans in Congress failed to deliver. I support the immediate repeal and replacement of Obamacare with a plan that increases choices, protects quality of care and avoids the single-payer, socialist healthcare scheme so many in Congress are secretly planning. Government should not be the final arbiter of health care. Healthcare Savings accounts are one example of reform that must be considered.

The opioid crisis affecting our nation has been particularly cruel in Pennsylvania and in our District. This health and public safety scourge must be met with an aggressive joint effort of both the private and public sectors.


Economy/Tax Reform/Deregulation

Pennsylvanians and Americans need an economy that works for everyone.

Government is too big, too expensive and flat-out broke. Washington DC and the beltway bandits who profit from it are out of control.

Citizens here in Eastern Pennsylvania continue to struggle, while the Washington DC economy is booming.

The federal government is inherently inefficient and should not be running every aspect of our lives. The federal debt now exceeds $20 trillion. We must enact sensible but dramatic reforms to shrink the size of government and return power and resources to the people.

Taxes are too High - especially on the shrinking Middle Class. Our tax system needs to encourage businesses with capital abroad to bring that money home so that we can lower taxes on the Middle Class. The President’s proposed Tax Reform is a step in the right direction.

Jobs - Pennsylvania has been devastated by illegal immigration and globalization. Through comprehensive deregulation, we can create a business environment friendly to entrepreneurs, job creators and risk takers.

The US must consider the effects on American workers, jobs and interests before signing multi-lateral Treaties. Immigration reform is an important part of this solution. Our immigration policies should RAISE wages, not raise the profits of select corporations.


National Security

We must face head-on the threats that exist to America, a duty I have carried out throughout my professional life. I spent 18 years as a spy for the CIA as well as Naval service to do just that. I speak four languages, including Russian and Spanish - and have conducted Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence operations around the world.

America First!

The United States must be wary of entering into conflicts which do not clearly serve US interests. The watchwords of our National Security policy must be “Peace Through Strength.”

We must get back to the very simple and very reasonable proposition that everything we do overseas must be for the benefit of America first.

The US is now confronted by formidable security challenges, many made worse by the United State’s abdication of global leadership and general weakness on the World Stage during the past Administration.

The threats most urgent to the United States includes North Korea, Iran and Global Jihadism. With this in mind, more funding should be available to develop a missile defense system and to provide our Armed Forces with the most modern technology, including weapon systems.

To gain independence from foreign oil, we need to foster development of our own natural resources involving nuclear and fossil fuels. Coal mining and oil drilling should be encouraged, subject only to reasonable regulations.

The United States must not only improve its military and intelligence capabilities, but simultaneously must be attuned to opportunities for clear-eyed, practical diplomacy to defuse the potential for conflict whenever possible.

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