What Are the Qualifications for a Congressman?

What Are the Qualifications for a Congressman?

The Congress of the United States of America is made up of two chambers. These are the House of
Representatives and the Senate. To become a congressman you will have to qualify as a member of one of
these chambers. While the major decision is made by American citizens through voting, there are still some
legal qualifications involved.


(1) The house of representatives is made up of 135 members. Each member is elected to serve for two years.
(2) The United States Congress has 100 members. Two are elected from each state to serve a six-year term
in office.
(3) Legal qualifications differ between the two chambers of Congress but the popular vote election remains
the most decisive factor.
(4) All states have equal representation in the Senate, This is regardless of their size or population. That is
why both Alaska (largest US state) and Rhode Island (smallest state) all have two senators representing them
in the US Senate.
(5) The number of house of representatives is determined by the US Congress. Unlike the Senate, the
population accounts for the number of representatives. While California has 45 representatives in the house,
states such as Delaware and North Dakota have only one.
(6) The national census that is carried out every ten years enables for the redistribution of the house seats.

Legal Qualifications to Become a Congressman.

(1) According to the constitution, you will need to be at least 25 years old to become a member of the house
of representatives. Residency in the represented district is not compulsory.
(2) To become a member of the US Senate, you will need to be at least 30 years of age. While these ages are
the minimum requirements, the average age of a United States senator is 58 years old, a number that’s nearly
(3) Other legal qualifications for a representative include residency in the state and US citizenship for not less
than seven years.
(4) To become a senator you will also have to be a resident of the state. A nine-year Us citizenship is
(5) The constitution also suggests that additional requirements for congress representation may also be set
by the state.

Election of Congressmen

(1) The states are divided into congressional districts. Each district participates in an election to vote for
house representatives of choice.
(2) Statewide elections are held every six years. One-third of the US Senate faces election every year.
(3) Since the members of the house of representatives only serve a two-year term, the Congress is
considered to have a life period of two years.

Furthermore informal qualifications such as a professional background, strong ambition and communication
skills can go a long way. Currently, over half of the members of Senate have background in law. People tend
to trust those who are highly educated so having a strong professional background is regarded as quite
essential to help you win the elections. When you buy dissertation you can highly increase your chances of

Most of these qualifications were drafted in the constitution in the 18th century. Back then a man aged 25
was considered middle aged because the life expectancy was 45 years.

7 questions to ask your candidates before you vote

7 questions to ask your candidates before you vote

Democracy serves as the fundamental key to many of things that you do each and every day ranging from healthcare, security issues and of course not forgetting even the vacations that you and your family are planning to take among many other controversial issues that may affect you.
Statistics show that most Americans these days -especially the youths, do not give a damn on to whether they will or not participate in elections.

This is according to research done at Harvard University regarding the lack of faith towards democracy making the youth jaded towards the government. Take CAUTION- being ignorant of your rights comes with a price. It doesn’t matter your age, participation in elections is MUST. In order for you to determine the legit of the candidate here are 7 step-by-step questions that you should ask your candidates before electing them.

1. Understanding the constitution.

I will begin by asking you, have read your constitution? Well, I don’t really care what your answer is. One thing I will advise you is to refresh yourself on some of the key areas that are enshrined in our constitution. eligible candidates should have a wide range of knowledge on what is contained in the constitution, they should be able to explain to you how they will promote and protect the rights of each citizen.
Let me make this point clear-a good leader will focus on equality and opportunity for each and every citizen.

2. Purpose while on service.

Thoughts are things that can show you much about a person. Great minds from histories came to a unanimous agreement- WE BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT, keep in mind that am not trying to imply that everyone who promises heaven is always right guy, what am trying to say to you is that you have to talk to your possible candidate in order for you to understand their point of view before even proceeding to the next question.

3.What to keep and what to abort

We live in a government that has been built by wise men. Your leader or candidate should be easy to answer some of the things that he/she will keep while at the office and some of the things that they think would be better if removed and new interventions put in place.
Let me put this point clear though- based on the previous questions, you will be able to gauge whether this person really stands in the path they previously mentioned or are they simply trying to make up stories -only for the sake.

4.The present condition of state affairs

There is a saying that goes by- first, know where you are and two, where you are going. If you take seriously this statement and think about it, then it should have come to your mind right now that it’s worth it challenging your leader with questions on the achievements and progress that the government has made so far. It would be a waste of votes if we give somebody an opportunity to serve us and does not understand and recognize how leaders in the past have worked so hard to bring us where we are now.

5. What decision can they make to improve state affairs given an opportunity?

This is the most important stage that will ultimately and almost determine who you are going to elect whether it be a local, mid-term or even general election.
Candidates whose objectives are direct to the point and be able to express themselves well can have their way here.

6. General view on controversial issues

You can ask your leader on issues such as their take on education, immigrant’s policies and how they should be handled, Health for all – and most importantly how universal healthcare can be extended to the poor and those that are handicapped.
You can make your points based on what they give you.

7. Are they able and willing?

A leader who is good enough to get his/her way should come out clearly and defend themselves as to why they really think they deserve to lead.
At this stage confidence is key. If you realize that your leader qualifies all these steps, then I think you can consider them as legit. I hope you use your time well this time before you cast your vote.

Why congress was formed

What is Congress?

I am sure you might have heard about congress but what exactly runs through your mind when you hear about congress? A congress can be described as a meeting which is mainly attended by selected representatives from either different countries, provinces or states of a country, political parties or any other group. The term was selected by British colonies whereby, each of the 13 colonies had a representative, the term was then later adopted for use by different nations and it is currently used in many political representatives and even trade unions.
History of Congress.

The 13 British colonies were the first to create a congress in 1770 in North America in a partition to fight for their rights which they felt were being endangered. It functioned the role until 1776 until Britain announced congress as traitors and American colonies declared themselves independent of Britain. Congress then later evolved into an alliance that led the revolutionary war that ended in 1783. From 1791, Congress became a formal organization which formed the revolutionary government and later formed the national government and was awarded specific powers and responsibilities.

Functions of congress.

1. Making laws and resolving conflicts.

The congress has been a great participant in the making of laws that govern people and also in resolving conflicts that may arise between individuals or groups. The laws made differ from health care, gun control and federal budget including others. This is a great role to ensure law, peace and order are maintained in the nation. In case anyone breaks the laws, they are charged in the court of law to prevent a repeat of that from others or the same person.

2. Educating the community.

The congress is continuously trying to reach out the people through websites, emails and public addresses in order to keep the people updated on different topics and educate them. There are many topics to educate people about which include illegal drug trafficking, insecurity, health concerns and even entrepreneurship which can help the public create new opportunities and make progress.

3. For representation.

Congress is made up of people selected by a specific group to represent them in decision making. Therefore, one of the main obligations of Congress is to represent the people and present their problems and suggestions and at times to defend their rights.

4. Serving constituents.

The congresspersons spend most of the time with the people they represent serving them. In case of any complains against the government or the leader of an organization, the members of the Congress are obligated to make necessary investigations in order to come up with the appropriate solutions.

5. Oversight.

The congress has another duty to follow up if the laws they have put in place are being followed by the targeted people. They ensure the laws are enforced in the intended ways and no human rights are violated during law enforcement.


Congress is responsible for many activities and the policy of selecting representatives has been adopted in many nations. Congress is very essential and it determines how the nation develops and how the people act according to the laws. With these duties, they are able to represent the opinion of the people and ensure that all their demands are put in place for peace and progress.